How to Increase your LED Lighting Sales in 3 Simple Steps

As a manufacturer of LED lighting we see many resellers, contractors, electricians and all kind of businesses related to the LED lighting Industry struggling to increase their LED Lighting Sales.

If you are one of this guys, then this blog post is right for you.

Why? Because one surprising thing we have noticed is that most contractors and resellers don’t sell as many LEDs as they could!

Why is that?  

As it turns out, most contractors cannot always speak to the details required to know in order to properly answer customer’s questions.

And for good reason too, they are too busy managing their business!

Which leads to these questions:

  • Are you interested in selling more LEDs?
  • Are you interested in profiting from increased cash flow?
  • Do you want to know the biggest growth secret going in the LED market?  

Well then, you have come to the right place!

The answers are simpler than you think, and for those of you with poor memories, you are in luck, because there are only 3 steps!

The solution is straightforward:

Step 1 – Talk About LEDs and Let Your Customers Know You Can Help Them Upgrade and Modernize Their Lighting

Increase Your LED Sales - DUMALUXThe number one thing I see people struggle with concerning LEDs and a potential project is knowing what options exist and what the replacement wattage should be recommended.  

So when this questions comes up, I have a very simple answer for you to give to you customer.  

“I don’t know.”  

That’s right.  You are going to tell your customer, “I don’t know.”

Let’s see what you have, then the manufactures representative will help insure we offer the best option for your needs.

It’s that simple.  

Concerning the “see what you have” reference from above, here is an easy checklist you can use:

  • Type of facility? – Is the site manufacturing, warehouse or office space?
  • Type of fixture/lamp – High Bays, Wall Packs, Shoeboxes, Tubes, etc.
  • Wattage of existing lamps – Gives your LED manufacture insight to the LED equivalent needed.
  • Line voltage – LED products are voltage specific, the LED installer will need to know this detail.
  • What does the customer want and need from the changes? – To increase/decrease the lighting output, address a specific problem or area, meet a specific specification or code, etc.  

LED Lighting Sales - Knowledge - DUMALUXFor extra care, take a few pictures of the spaces and of the fixtures.

Lastly, if the LED replacement lamp will be mounted on a pole or ceiling, please note the height and mounting style.

Sometimes, the mounting solution will have to be added to the cost of installation, as mounting can be varied.  

Then let the professionals do the rest.  

In a short while, your conversations with your LED Lighting manufacturer or representative about the spaces and product details will develop and grow your knowledge of LED lighting products.

Look for a manufacturer that also offers an audit, or at least a spreadsheet that will help you determine things like kWhs saved per month, and ROI (return on investment).

Marketing materials and specifications sheets also help present images and details that help your customer, so please make sure your manufacturer’s representative can provide these resources.  

Step 2 – Partner With a Reliable LED Lighting Supplier That Will Actually Help You to Increase your LED Lighting Sales

LED Lighting Sales - Supplier - DUMALUXSo, you finally have landed that big contract for the LED Flat Panels, or those LED Parking and Area lights over at that big industrialized plant across town.

There is only one problem.

It is going to be 4 to 6 weeks before your supplier’s next container arrives! Like my good friend Charlie Brown used to say… aaugh!!!  

Sometimes an extended lead time is unavoidable, so be realistic.

However, good inventory management is key to be able to reliably deliver LED lighting for your projects. Make sure your LED Partner has adequate inventory before you place your order.  

Reliable inventory access is key to keeping your customers content and in good spirits about their projects, and with your service!

Step 3 – Avoid Alibaba and the Maze of the Chinese Market

We have a whole blog post dedicated to Sourcing your LED Lights on Alibaba.

But to make the long story short, here are the main reasons why you should NOT Source your LED Lighting Suppliers on Alibaba:

LED Lighting Sales - Avoid Alibaba and the Maze of the Chinese Market - DUMALUX

Scams – If you think that Craig’s List could be a risky venture, consider a market place in a completely different culture, language and from a country you’ve never visited.

Welcome to a new level of complexity!  Just Google “alibaba scams”, and enjoy the reading!  

Quality control – Know how you need time for certain products to develop and mature?  Contract an unknown factory for your LED order, and if you find there is a problem, then you have to make a return or a warranty claim. Good luck!  

Lack of Payment Protection – Besides the fact that you pay the Chinese upfront, before production or your order is even confirmed, recently a case where the bank made an error, and $35,000 was stuck in a banking fiasco for 45 days before the funds could be released back to the US purchaser.  

China’s problem with fake brands – So you think you’re getting an original?  

Increase Your LED Sales - DUMALUX

So How do I Choose a Good Manufacturer That Will Actually Make me Increase my LED Lighting Sales?

A good LED lighting manufacturer will attend the largest LED lighting shows in China.

It is important to meet with potential factories, and insure they are an actual company that has an authentic plant (not just an image of a building on the web).

How do I Choose a Good Manufacturer That Will Actually Make me Increase my LED Lighting Sales - DUMALUXCertifications such as UL and DLC compliance are also considered, including the factory working conditions, and insure quality control standards meet US consumer expectations.

In addition, a genuine LED manufacture will know how to manage all the details associated with importing.

Knowing how to keep these cost low are key to making a successful import, and still be competitive overall.

It’s the same reason people don’t mow their own lawns, a professional can do it faster and more efficiently.

Honestly, Increasing your LED Lighting Sales is not rocket science.

You need to run your business and streamline processes to be proficient.  Plus you need to avoid costly missteps.

By partnering with an experienced manufacturer of LED lighting, you are:

  1. Insuring your getting the right lamp for your customer’s needs, and with time-in-field proven warranties.
  2. That you can deliver to your customer, when they are ready for their project to commence.
  3. That any defects will be managed with efficiency, and replaced in a timely manner.

As For the Biggest Growth Secret Going in the LED Market…

A good manufacturer’s representative will communicate with you on your needs and solutions.

As a result, you are going to learn a lot about the products and will be able to more readily speak to product details.

In the meantime, a good LED lighting support team can take up the slack and get you rolling down the LED lighting sales road.  

A catalog of your manufacturer’s products is helpful to keep on hand.

This can be used to help you identify relevant products and specification for your project needs.

LED Lighting Sales Tools - DUMALUX

Keep your manufacturer representative’s cellular phone handy. This insures you can find the person when you need them, and you can easily text images of existing lamps proposed to be replaced.  

The most important thing you can do is act: We get results where we place our efforts.

Speak about LEDs and let your customers know you offer a warranted LED product. As you become a dependable LED installer or supplier, your business will see growth.

LED lighting is here to stay.

Your customers will be making the move at some point.  Prepare yourself for this phase of your business’ evolution to move with the market place.

Do you have any other ideas on how to Increase your LED Lighting Sales? What techniques have worked well for your business? Please share it with our community so they learn from your experience!

Increase Your LED Sales - DUMALUX


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