LED Lighting Fairs: The Definitive Guide to Navigating an Open Fair

The pomp and pageantry that comes with every LED lighting fair—be it in the United States or China—is one every LED enthusiast, bargain hunter and LED sales agent/business must experience at least once every year.

This is due to the fact that as an attendee, you will be exposed to a plethora of colours, aesthetic LED fixtures, unique arrangements, and great ideas for your LED lighting business and a peek into the emerging technologies set to drive the LED industry in the coming future.

LED lighting exhibitions are truly great places to network and as with all events that bring multiple vendors in contact with huge crowds, there are certain informal rules and guidelines one should adhere, to get the best out of these events… And yes, I am speaking from experience.

The first fair I attended to the Hong Kong Lighting Fair without being prepared was a garish experience for me and the hundreds of people who also came ill-prepared to navigate through the provided stalls.

Sadly, the fair ended up looking jumbled up like a yard sale at Bilbo Baggins’s Hobbit hole in Bags End.

Since then, I have created and followed a plan for navigating every event on my schedule and today, LED lighting exhibitions will be the focus of this post.

Here, you will find a definitive guide on escaping the last minute rush, chaos and unfulfilled expectations that are the by-products of a poor navigation strategy.

So sit back, relax your nerves and explore the finest ways to get the best out of your next LED lighting exhibition visit.

1. When Purchasing a Ticket One ‘Ring’ Rules them all at LED Lighting Fairs

Ticket Purchasing - The Definitive Guide to Navigating a LED Lighting Fair - DUMALUXOf course, the first step to attending a LED Expo is purchasing a ticket which confirms you as a legitimate participant in the aforementioned event.

There are many ways to go about purchasing your ticket for the event.

You can choose to buy one a week to the fair, a month to the event or the moment the ticket is put up for sale.

But before making that choice, it is good to know the most important rule to getting any ticket and it is the fact that:

Early bird tickets always comes with huge discounts.

This means you must be on the lookout for when tickets to your favourite LED fairs or chosen LED event goes on sale.

It is a well-known fact among event goers that almost every event organizer offer discounts—which could be up to 50% off the original ticket prize—for early buyers.

So why not take advantage of these August gifts and purchase an early bird ticket or a couple of tickets for you and the staff of your LED lighting business.

In few situations where early bird tickets are not for sale at discounted rates, the event organizer’s offer other incentives such as referral programs or discount on multiple tickets on early purchases.

These incentives are also a great way for managers to get entire LED marketing teams to attend LED fairs while saving financial resources in the process.

2. Prepare for an Unexpected Journey

Increase Your LED Sales - DUMALUXNow that you have purchased your ticket as an early bird, it is important to note that the days will speedily fly pass and the unprepared mind may end up without a plan for the journey that lies ahead.

Therefore, the best time for discussing how you intend to get to the venue of the LED Lighting Fair and the transportations option available to you is a fortnight to the event.

And here are your options:

  • Transit by Bus or Metro: Taking a bus is definitely the easy way to go when choosing a transportation this is because you have placed yourself in the hand of a professional who has years of experience navigating to the fair’s location. Therefore if you play your cards right by choosing the right route, the probability of getting lost is highly reduced.
  • Keep fit by Cycling: For biking enthusiast who have no qualms cycling long distances, this option is one that will get you to your destination in excellent health. Just kidding. Cycling is a great way to enjoy nature at its best as well as bond with fellow team members who are also going to the LED event. If you choose to cycle, then it is important that you enquire about available parking spaces for bikes and the safety level of your bike in order to avoid theft.
  • Driving to the Fair: Many people cannot do without their vehicles and if you fall into this category, the effort you must put in before taking the decision to drive to a LED fair are many. First, you must consider going early to secure a parking space, enquire about the parking fare and the safety of your car.

Prepare for an Unexpected Journey - The Definitive Guide to Navigating a LED Lighting Fair - DUMALUXConsequently, you can also choose to use any of the ride-sharing or bike-sharing apps to make the journey more exciting.

Finally, regardless of the mode of transportation you choose, leaving for the location as early as possible is recommended.

This gives you enough time to follow your sight-seeing schedule at the fair.

3. Dress According to the Weather Situations

Unlike in the days of yore, access to information on the weather situation and what to expect before heading out no longer requires the predictive abilities of a talented wizard.

Thanks to technology, you can simply whip out your smartphone to cross check the weather situation as it applies to the date for the fair.

Once you are privy to this information, the next step is to tailor your attire to fit the mood of the day.

Dress Acording Weather Situations 04 - The Definitive Guide to Navigating a LED Lighting Fair - DUMALUX

Questions like is the event going to be sunny, windy or rainy will determine if you will have to come equipped with sunglasses, a shawl or an umbrella.

Therefore, a week to your favourite LED lighting trade show, simply look up the weather situation for the event.

This will enable you get the best pieces of clothing and accessories designed for keeping you comfortable throughout the duration of the fair.

If going as a team, it becomes the team leader’s responsibility to inform the group on the weather conditions for the day as well as on the importance of team members dressing in ways that will not impede their experience.

4. Explore Options, Be Inquisitive as a Hobbit

Finally, you are at the venue with all the time in your hands to explore the options every LED vendor has on display.

For amateur fair-goers, the light, arrangement and blitz of the LED fixtures on display can influence an individual’s choice on what he or she ends up buying.

Therefore to ensure you do not fall for the splendour that follows all LED lighting fairs, it is recommended that:

  • Business Owners/Entrepreneurs: Create a “shopping list” dedicated to only the items needed to stock up your storefront or meet contractual agreements. We know that this is a fair and no matter how guided one is, certain items—not on your list—will definitely catch your attention. Therefore, including a small budget for the purchase of iconic LED lighting pieces and samples is advised.
  • Individuals/LED Enthusiasts: Endeavour not to make any purchases till you have explored the entire length and breadth of the fair. Only then can you loosing your purse strings and allow yourself purchase the top items that fall within your calculated spending budget.

You should also know that by the end of the fair, most manufacturers will give away their samples or sell them at a discounted rate.

Explore Options - The Definitive Guide to Navigating a LED Lighting Fair - DUMALUX

This guide also assumes that you already have an understanding of your financial situations and the amount you can allocate for spending at the fair.

It is important that you let whatever allocations you have made guide your spending decisions.

It is a LED Lighting Exhibition, not a gambling parlour.

Increase Your LED Sales - DUMALUX

5. Plan Extensively for Breaks at the LED Lighting Fairs

Your quest to finding the best LED lights for your business or home should be viewed as a marathon and not a sprint as the uninitiated are wont to do.

Therefore, your schedule should include intervals dedicated to breaking the monotony and anxiety of securing the best LED discoveries for your business.

There are different ways you can take breaks and also stay entertained. They include;

  • Lunch Breaks: A hungry stomach leads to a wandering mind and this may affect your ability to adequately cover vendors at the fair as well as your decision making process. It is recommended that you seek to re-energise yourself by opening your lunch box for a treat or purchasing food from the foot-vendors or food courts in the vicinity. Also, note that food may be expensive at the fair and the responsibility of researching this cost and calculating the opportunity cost of packing homemade food falls squarely on your shoulders.
  • Stay Hydrated: In ancient times, traveling traders included relaxation at watering-holes in their schedule to ensure they remain fresh throughout the journey. As it was then, so it is now and ensuring that you re-hydrate when excessive sweating occurs or after a long duration of time will definitely refresh you for the task at hand.
  • Patronize Relaxation Spots: The average LED Lighting Exhibition includes places for relaxation where fun activities that have nothing to do with business, are carried out. You can take advantage of these opportunities to also recharge your batteries.

Plan Breaks - The Definitive Guide to Navigating a LED Lighting Fair - DUMALUX

To know about the relaxation opportunities a LED Lighting Trade Show offers, simply conduct a research on the fair’s program and guide your activities accordingly.

6. Protect yourself from the Sun

Although it would definitely be epic if LED Lighting Expos where done when the sun goes down, unfortunately all the ones I have been to are morning/afternoon events.

I also believe the one you are currently prepping for will be held in the afternoon.

Now, shopping in the sun comes with its own challenges as most of us know and everyone regardless of your race is affected by its golden rays in one way or the other.

This means we all must plan accordingly.

For the light-skinned folks, taking the time out to apply sunscreen and seek out shaded kiosks will reduce the risk of sun burns.

Everyone in attendance will also fare better if they bring a hat and an accompanying sunglass to deal with the forces of nature.

The prerequisite bottle of water—as discussed above—will also go a long way in alleviating dryness of the mouth and dehydration.

7. Buy it if you like it

Buy It If You Like It - The Definitive Guide to Navigating a LED Lighting Fair - DUMALUXAfter you have explored, navigated and bartered with multiple vendors, the last act of your day should be purchasing the items that caught your attention.

The prices of LED fixtures in most fairs are generally fair and on average, cheaper than what you will find at your local store.

Making these purchases is also a way to encourage LED vendors and manufacturers in the emerging technology niche to keep up the good work as they aim to take the industry one step further into the future.

Lastly, I believe that if you find something you truly like and can afford, not making that purchase will be a decision you will definitely regret.

8. Soak it all in and be inspired

LED manufacturers have a great opportunity to take their craft a step further by learning from the different ideas on display at every major LED Lighting Trade Show.

Take note that this is not a tacit approval of plagiarism but a discussion on how one can go about formulating creative ideas in designing bespoke LED lights for prospective clients.

9. There and Back Again

LED lighting fairs are fun for individuals and also a great way for business owners in the LED industry to keep tabs on the latest happenings in your niche.

These fairs are routinely organized in and around the United States which makes participating in one on an annual basis quite easy.

So we implore you to create a space in your busy schedule to accommodate that exciting LED Lighting Trade Show happening around your corner for you might just see some of Dumalux aesthetic fixtures there.

We would like to also hear from you about your experiences attending a LED Lighting Fair, who your favourite vendors are, what they had to offer as well as any tips you have on navigating LED events.

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