Guide to LED Parking Lot Lighting: Achieve Huge Benefits by Changing your Old Lighting to LED

Guest Post by Helena Schmahr at Normasym.

So let’s speak about LED Parking Lot Lighting.

Today there exist several different lighting types in the market which can be used for lighting up a parking lot.

But did you know, that you can achieve several economical as well as safety and environment-related benefits by using LED lighting in the parking lot?

In this blog, you will get an explanation as to why LED with advantage can be used as parking lot lighting.

There exist various types of parking lots; parking lots next to supermarkets, apartment blocks or a third place.

Furthermore, a parking lot can be owned by a company or by the state.

But no matter the characteristics and ownership, all parking lots have one thing in common: the necessity of effective lighting so that the parking lot can be safely used by cars and pedestrians after dark.

Challenges of lighting up a parking lot

It is the owner’s responsibility to install efficient and proper lighting at the parking lot.

However, there exist several challenges in relation to lighting up a parking lot, which must be taken into consideration in relation to the lighting solution.

For users of the parking lot, it is crucial to able to feel safe and being able to orientate oneself use the parking lot.

For the owner of the parking lot, however, it is crucial to an easy and cheap lighting solution at the parking lot.

The benefits of the LED Parking Lot Lighting

Guide to LED Parking Lot Lighting achieve huge benefits by changing your old lighting to LED - DUMALUXAt many parking lots, traditional lighting in the form of halogen spots are used but this lighting solution entails many problems, including poor lighting quality, a high degree of replacement and maintenance as well as a very high energy use, which is costly on the electricity bill.

A possible solution to these challenges is LED lighting.

This type of lighting can accommodate the lighting needs that exist in relation to parking lighting but do not have the disadvantages of traditional lighting solutions.

Therefore, you can with advantage consider changing your old lighting solution with a new efficient LED solution.

Below, the three largest advantages of using LED at the parking lot is listed so you can get an overview over how the benefits of LED can benefit both the users and the owner of the parking lot:

1) Achieve huge savings on the electricity bill

LED is known for its exceptionally long life expectancy on above 50,000 hours.

Furthermore, LED lamps demands only minimal maintenance because LED lamps are very robust and this entails that they rarely break due to weather conditions or vandalism.Guide to LED Parking Lot Lighting benefits changing old lighting to LED - DUMALUX

The long life expectancy combined with the minimal need of maintenance thus imply that you can achieve a massive reduction in energy costs and this way you can achieve huge savings by changing to LED lighting.

In many cases, the saving is more than 75 % and this gives the owner of the parking lot significantly reduced lighting costs.

2) Achieve superior lighting quality

LED is also known for its sublime lighting quality.

The high lighting quality is a reality because LED lighting is applying the newest and most innovative technologies on the market today.

The LED lighting’s extremely high lighting quality ensures that the users feel safe and well-orientated at the parking lot.

Furthermore, the high lighting quality entails that the risk of robbery is reduced as well as the risk of accidents is minimized.

Thus, the safety is very much improved at the parking lot using LED compared to traditional lighting sources and, also, a well-lighted parking lot appears more inviting and professional.

3) Achieve an improved CSR profile

Guide to LED Parking Lot Lighting benefits changing old lighting to LED - DUMALUXA part of a company’s CSR profile, that is its corporate social responsibility profile, is the environmental approach of the company, and today consumers very much demand for companies to behave in an environmental-friendly way.

LED is a very environmental-friendly lighting solution and can reduce the CO2 emission.

LED is, therefore, a very sustainable lighting method.

So, if you change the current lighting solution into a new LED solution, you can improve the municipality’s or company’s CSR profile by using the green LED lighting solution in your marketing efforts.

LED is the lighting of the future

A way of accommodating the users’ and the owner’s lighting needs is by installing a new LED lighting solution at the parking lot, because LED very much can meet both the users’ wish for good lighting quality as well as the owner’s wish for lower energy- and maintenance costs and an improved CSR profile.Guide to LED Parking Lot Lighting benefits changing old lighting to LED - DUMALUX

By many, LED lighting has been pointed out to be the lighting solution of the future, and the amazing benefits of LED are constantly being improved and refined by scientific research. You can read more about the benefits of LED here.

Have you experienced yourself the benefits of installing LED Parking Lot Lighting? Do you see any other benefits related to changing your old lighting to LED?

Our comment box is widely open for your comments and questions, so go ahead and share your thoughts!


  1. Becca Holton says:

    LED lights have some amazing advantages. That point about how it requires little maintenance and reduces energy cost a lot makes me want to change the lighting in my own house. I’m alway up for more money. http://pgelectricalsupply.com

  2. Kylie Dotts says:

    It’s interesting how you said that LED lights are really durable and won’t be broken easily because of weather or vandalism. This would be a huge benefit because the money you save on lighting would be able to be placed toward parking lot maintenance. The extra lighting would also be helpful because it would allow for the service you hire to work a bit longer into the night which would make the project go by quicker.

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