What Is the Right LED Replacement for Halogen Bulbs?

When you need to handle your lighting in a way that brightens your surroundings and saves energy, LED is the way to go.

More companies and households are switching to LED and for good reason. Before making the switch, you’ll need to understand the right LED replacement for halogen, the advantages of using these lights and more information that’ll guide you.

You won’t go back once you switch to LED lighting, so take heed to these points below.

Understand the Benefits of Finding an LED Replacement for Halogen

You’ve probably seen a push for energy efficiency in recent years.

That’s not just lip service when it comes to LED lighting — in fact, LED uses 75 percent less electricity than standard halogen lights. This will help you to save some money on your electric bills.

Lower electric bills free up money for your operating costs or household budget. Look around your building and find different ways to replace your halogen lights.

For instance, you can change your overhead lights to LED to make your kitchen and living room more energy efficient. Not only do LED lights save energy, they will also shine brighter than halogen bulbs.

Understand the Benefits of Finding an LED Replacement for Halogen - What Is the Right LED Replacement for Halogen Bulbs - DUMALUX

You’ve probably been in a situation where halogen bulbs burned bright enough to the point of creating discomfort. LED lights are cool to the touch, so you have nothing to worry about in this regard.

Finally, LED lighting is less expensive to own, because it lasts longer and you won’t have to replace them nearly as frequently.

Find the Right LED Lighting For Your Property

As you look for the best LED replacement for halogen, be sure that you take some time to search carefully.

First off, think about how you plan to use the lights. Are you looking to produce video or work in dim conditions? Understanding what you need from these lights will inform your purchase.

From there, you’ll want to consider a few of the following variables.

Think About the Various Features

Directional and Omnidirectional Beam - What Is the Right LED Replacement for Halogen Bulbs - DUMALUXWhen shopping for LED replacement for halogen, you’ll quickly find that these light come with a number of features. For example, directional LED lights shine at a specific point for angle, while omnidirectional LED lights shine at a variety of angles.

Visit a shop in person so that you can see the lights for yourself and understand how they will fit in with your property.

The choice between directional and omnidirectional ensure that no light is wasted in your room.

Understand the Measurements

When buying halogen lights, you most likely were concerned with what or other measurements.

This form of measurement is passé in an increasingly energy-efficient world because LED lights are measured by lumens.

Lumens refers to the light intensity given off by your LED light. While it pays to get a handle for these measurements, you can use some comparisons to get you started. For instance, a 100-watt bulb would equate to approximately 1600 lm.

Equivalent Comparision from Watts to Lumens - What Is the Right LED Replacement for Halogen Bulbs - DUMALUX

Knowing a little bit about these measurements is helpful when purchasing an LED replacement for halogen.

Buy the Style That Suits You

It also crucial that you keep aesthetics and mind when purchasing LED lighting. A lot of manufacturers have gone above and beyond to add decorative flair to LED lights.

In addition to life in different colors and shapes, you might opt for changeable lighting levels or a dimmer switch. Finding the right style will really be the difference in how you perceive light in your room. This will also dictate the comfort levels of experience.

Use your LED Lights Effectively

Before switching and finding an LED replacement for halogen, you’ll want to handle some strategic planning.

This is especially true if you’re a company setting up outdoor lighting.

A lot of companies use LED lighting fixtures for the parking lot or structures. This LED light shines through the night and lets people find their parking spaces safely.

However, hiring an engineer or planner is the best thing you can do before buying your LED fixtures. A planning professional will map out your lot in advance and allow you to buy the right types and amounts.

From here, you’ll be confident that you’re applying the lights in a way that increases visibility and keeps your customers safe.

Ramping up your parking lot with LED lights ensures that you get 50,000 hours of life, lower risks of robbery and theft and more peace of mind for your customer base.

Additionally, plan effectively by making sure that you buy technology that suits your timetable.

For instance, you might opt to buy a shorter term lighting situation if your office lease is not long term.

Find the Best Price For Your LED Lighting

You’ll want to research LED lighting installers, to make sure that you get a clean upgrade from your halogen lights.

Choosing the right lighting professional is important since these are lights that you’ll use every single day. Ask them for examples of their specialties and make sure to check out prior projects.

The lighting contractor will let you see all their products until you decide which will be best for your property.

The costs of the lighting units will vary by a lot, so always ask the contractor for a written quote. The quote will contain the cost of the LED panels or fixtures, along with labor for wiring and installation.

LED Lighting Installation - What Is the Right LED Replacement for Halogen Bulbs - DUMALUX

You might pay approximately $100-$200 per hour on this lighting installation when you bring in a pro.

Be certain of your budget going in. This way, you won’t wind up overpaying for your lights.

Above all, be sure that you research the contractor that will handle the installation. Have them provide a copy of their license and always check out their online presence to see the reviews customers have written.

The Next Frontier of Lighting

As you can see, upgrading to LED lights from halogen will be helpful on all accounts. You’ll enjoy these benefits whether you need to light up your office or renovate your house.

Follow these points and contact an LED lighting contractor that can assist you.


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