Privacy Policy


Companies may not make the name DUMALUXLED, LLC, or any other names belonging to DUMALUX trademarks, part of the name of their own businesses, solutions, products or services or incorporate these names and any logos from DUMALUX into logos they design for their own business, solutions, products or services. 


Whenever DUMALUX names are mentioned, companies must make a clear and unambiguous distinction between their own solutions, products and/or services as a partner, and the DUMALUX trademarks mentioned.

Partners must carefully consider DUMALUX’s trademark regulations when mentioning DUMALUX trademarks in their materials or in connection with their own products or product names.

The usage of original texts, graphics, pictures, and so on, from DUMALUX sources must be approved by DUMALUX and a copyright notice must be included nearby or, if appropriate, as a footnote, to indicate DUMALUX’s copyright, in the form “© DUMALUX Inc. 2015. All rights reserved worldwide.”

DUMALUX accepts no responsibility for any violation of legal regulations regarding competition or trademark law by partners.

In addition to these guidelines, country specific regulations may apply.

IMPORTANT NOTICE concerning products

DUMALUX claims to supply the best possible products at all times. For this reason, DUMALUX reserves the right to make changes in its products when it believes such changes will improve its products.

The specifications and information shown in this website are believed to be accurate. Although DUMALUX believes this information to be correct, no warranty is made or implied as to the accuracy of this information and DUMALUX does not accept or assume responsibility or liability for errors, changes, omissions, or for harm resulting there from.  If you have any questions about this statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, feel free to contact contact@DUMALUX.com.