Warranty Policy

The aim of DUMALUX is to achieve full satisfaction of all its customers, so we provide service guarantees seeking to assure you as a customer the quality of our products.

For this reason, DUMALUX guarantees optimum quality and functionality of the lighting products sold by the company under the following conditions:


The warranty period for each product shall be as specified directly in the original bill of sale or in the letter of guarantees. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase, verifiable on the bill of sale.


The warranty offered by DUMALUX covers product malfunction or total failure under normal operating conditions, so it does not cover failures due to natural causes such as lightning, moisture, short circuits from the power supply, surge, poor quality energy or human error as false connection contacts or other factors that are unrelated to the products themselves.

Although the products are resistant to moderate hits, the warranty does not cover damage caused by strong blows, abuse or mismanagement.

DUMALUX LLC will not be responsible under any circumstances for the removal and / or reinstallation, for which would incur additional fees.

DUMALUX reserves the right to request studies of power quality by the customer, in cases where the product failure significantly exceed normal rates recorded in our systems of quality management.

In all cases, to request warranty service, it is necessary to present the original bill of sale and the application form care guarantees provided by the commercial company executive, duly completed.


Upon receipt of the products guarantee request, DUMALUX have eight (8) working days to determine the cause of failure or malfunction and issue a response on the validity or invalidity of the request.

If the warranty claim is not valid for any of the reasons stated in the warranty policy, the customer will pay all costs and freight costs associated with it.

If the products were purchased from a third party, the product may be exchanged or refunded directly at the location where the product was purchased.  Third party distributors may have their own policies also that apply.

If the products are outside of the coverage region, the buyer will be responsible for the return freight. DUMALUX will pay the freight back to the buyer, given that it is located in the US or Canada and that the warranty claim is valid.


DUMALUX reserves the right to replace, repair or execute a refund of money corresponding to the total value of defective products in less than 30 working days after the application of the warranty by the customer.


In the case of returns by dissatisfaction with the product, the customer has up to eight (8) business days from the billing date of the product to make the return, provided it is in perfect condition, with their cases or original and no evidence of mistreatment packaging.